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Chuck EldridgeChuck
For me (Chuck), the body parts still work most of the time but brain functions are questionable, particularly if I have to have security let me back into the boat yard at night again for something I forgot. I recently retired from an IT Director position at MWCIA in Minneapolis, MN, that I had held since 2000. Prior to that I was a software developer, doing primarily database programming. In another life (like the 70’s and 80’s), I was a transportation economist at the University of Wisconsin and University of Minnesota.

There’s nothing ocean-like in Iowa but travel is a given, as witnessed by the state’s negative population growth. I have been active right into my 60’s with about 3,000 miles of biking per year, around fifteen hours of racquetball per week during winter, hiking, snow skiing, canoeing, camping, and a crazy hobby racing radio-controlled aircraft. I retired from all of these activities in April through August of 2011  I hope to replace them with kite boarding, among other activities. We’re already kite board certified enough to be dangerous, mostly to ourselves.  So, again, why a cruising sailor? The answer is different depending on the person asking and the context, but basically it seemed like a cool way to travel and it’s a lot easier than cross-country skiing at 12,600 feet in a whiteout, but that’s another story.

Deb EldridgeDeb
Deb is a bit younger and is a rower, mostly quads, doubles, and she owns her own single scull named Mud Puppie. She retired from a graphics design position at Towers Watson at the same time I left MWCIA. Prior to that she held various graphic design positions, usually for about two years each. Many years ago she was an aerobics instructor, a fitness consultant, and a health club manager. She also bikes, hikes, and skiis and recently went in for a brand new titanium knee that's getting tested to the max. 

Deb has made an even further leap from her early life as a farm girl in Iowa. She grew up deprived of bodies of water and the two voyages, Sanity and Neytiri, are the result. What she did in our first cruise was deemed newsworthy by the Des Moines (IA) Register and Tribune, and they sent a guy to her father’s farm when we flew home for Christmas.

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