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The Boat Search

June 15, 2011 Posted by Deb

I’m not sure when we switched from a monohull search to a catamaran search. I believe it was a YouTube video around Thanksgiving of 2009. We had chartered cats on ten or so occasions since 1996 but never considered them as a cruising option until I saw a cat sailing at 17 knots with an open laptop sitting calmly on the salon table. It didn’t hurt that prices for catamarans were crashing. We made a few offers on Fountaine Pajots (Belize’s and Bahia’s) but the Euro got stronger, and they kind of walked away from us in price.

After a few failed offers and hundreds of hours on the internet, we finally succeeded on a 2001 Privilege 435 through The Multihull Company. Our boat is located in St. Maarten, recently up from Brazil. We didn’t think ahead about the issues of buying a boat in a location that we couldn’t drive to but we got educated quickly. It was summer in the tropics when we flew in for the survey and sea trial. It was hot enough that I was doubting that we ever had gotten used to not only surviving but actually getting work done at those temperatures.