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Mega Eclipse

May 20, 2012 Posted by Deb

A white island tied up just behind our stern named Vive la Vie. It was a good thing we got our new charger installed the day before because this monster blocks out the sun. We’re getting used to a giant white wall where there used to be a view of the anchorage, besides, the anchorage was not much to look at. It is a Brit mega yacht with a German captain, Italian cook, and a Phillipino crew. We haven’t seen much of the owners. Dominique is the Italian cook and he’s a philosopher. His English is barely decipherable but he goes on about the beauty everywhere and how he can always find things to be happy about. The other night at the Crew’s Inn barbeque pit, he dumped an ice chest over his captain’s head and started throwing wine bottles at him. We came along at about 1:30 a.m. after a night watching Leatherback turtles and he was still by the pit, alone, drunk, and ranting about his damn German captain. He was out there warning people to not walk on the broken glass and was trying to clean up the mess. He grabbed us and started going into the details of the argument using English and the wildest flying charades I’ve ever seen, particularly when describing the captain as an a…hole. We like him.

Company in Trinidad: Before and After

May 18, 2012 Posted by Deb

There have been a lot of miles and a lot of boat work since we had company up in St. Martin. Bill, a colleague and friend from our former lives, and his friend Karen were arriving on May 19. We did a combination of rush, delay, and cancel on boat projects. The following shots were of Neytiri 24 hours before their arrival.

After hours of tossing and stowing, we managed to go from a construction site to a condo with hours to spare.



May 8, 2012 Posted by Deb

There are a couple sunken problems in the Chaguarmas anchoring zone that are politely referred to as navigational hazards. Basically, someone turns their head for a day or so and a commercial vessel on a mooring rolls over and sinks. This would be considered a big deal to a cruiser as everything they own is on the bottom of the bay but apparently it is fairly common with commercial vessels. A barge rolled over and sank a couple of nights ago and they attempted to float it in the following pics. I’m not sure they succeeded. If they didn’t, there are now three sunken problems in the bay.