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Neytiri Back Online

October 14, 2012 Posted by Deb

Actually, a pretty straightforward exit from the US. Flights were fair but we had three check-ins at 48.5 lbs each and a carry on apiece for about 35 lbs each plus one under the seat backpack that was way too big to fit under any seat at 35 lbs. In all it was enough weight to cause trim problems in the regional jet and turn US Air into a shipping company. We had to claim bags and recheck everything in Aruba and it was a good thing we had a three-hour layover. We found an old Aruban with a cart bigger than he was to haul everything to the non-US departure building and he earned his $6.00 big time.

We arrived at Neytiri after an absence of over 3 months and ran into a new security gate about 200 feet short of the boat. I went looking for night security while Deb waited with the bags. She heard some boat people partying and hollered out. She was through the gate (kindness of late night partiers) by the time I came back empty handed. We unpacked, celebrated, and crashed. The next morning the security gate had us trapped inside and we had US SIM cards only in our phones, our internet antenna was down, and no one was listening to the hailing frequency of the marina. Nature was calling and we hadn’t fired up the heads so I climbed over the security fence and went to the marina office to get security cards after a brief delay. Deb didn’t bother climbing the gate … she’s a little bolder about public dumping.

Security Breach

Neytiri fared well. A few gel coat dings but all systems are starting to wake up and we’re finding a home for the approximately 250 pounds of gear we brought back. Deb’s new knee is doing great and she’s sleeping better than at any time in the last three months of borrowed beds. It is hot though. We went from camping in 25 degrees F at night to 93 degree F days with very little wind. We’re doing a crash acclimation but doing better each day.

Next stop, diving in Bonaire but first we have dried up gaskets in the primary water pump and starboard head, a watermaker in pieces, bottom cleaning, a head sail re-hoist, a refrigerator that may need coolant, a gennaker to install and some very stiff rudders to deal with. Glad to be back.

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