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Indian Hoop Dance

September 15, 2014 Posted by Deb

We took one final shot at Shingobee Bay and Walker, MN, in mid-September with a focus on biking the new trails in the area. The biking was excellent but a bit chilly.

We stumbled onto the annual Walker Ethinc Days and, despite the cold weather, there was a decent crowd in town. Deb volunteered to be one of the groupies for the internationally famous hoop dancer that was still within the Walker budget. The Hungarian singers also fit in under the budget. It seemed like a nice event and would have been a major hit if the temp had been about 25 degrees higher.

Walker Ethnic Days

Walker Ethnic Days

Kevin Locke ~ Hoop Dance Demo

Kevin Locke ~ Hoop Dance Demo

Iowa for the Beer Olympics

September 11, 2014 Posted by Deb

We made it back to Iowa for the September 6th birthday party for Deb’s nephew, Wil. They hyped it as the Beer Olympics but it looked like a lot of vodka when we walked by. No one was drinking the Captain Morgan but that didn’t last long when I walked by.

Our bed count this summer is mid-20’s already and may surpass the 30 we did last summer. We stayed for two days of festivities, food, and even church. It is a perfect time of year for Iowa, 75 degrees and sunshine, though we hear it had been very wet. After two days, we had eaten our fill and moved north again to pick up the debris (trimaran, van, and wine from the wine tasting) we had left scattered all over Minnesota and Wisconsin.


My Roots

My Roots

Colorado for Hiking and Biking

September 3, 2014 Posted by Deb

We were going west when Deb’s niece and family (Kylie, Jeff, Beatrix, and Lucille) were returning east and the two cars crossed at mile marker 165 on I-76. Kind of cool to be able to roll the windows down and wave at family during a long trip. It took a bit of texting to pull that off.

Ron, Barb, Megan, Meridith, and Colorado put on quite a show during the week of our visit. The concerts were free at Copper with Kenny Loggins and Wynonna Judd in two days. The hikes were high mountain gorgeous, finishing on the final day with the highest and longest at Continental Falls. The bike rides were topped off with the 17 plus mile run from Vail Pass to Frisco  for a no pedal, hang on and watch the scenery go by trip. The food and booze seem to taste better at 9,000 feet on up. We celebrated our 39th anniversary with a cake, wine, movie, and a fire after a day of hiking looking out over Lake Dillon.





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Travelling Time Out

September 1, 2014 Posted by Deb

We stacked up our medical appointments in one week following the cabin up north. We found out that if you go straight from a cardio stress test to dermatology they tend to freak out about all the electrode gell abrasions on your skin. Other than that it was surgery as usual … meaning that Deb found out she can’t avoid the operation on C7 in her neck and they threw in a little bit of eyelid surgery and a touch of new shoulder for good measure.  The shoulder replacement is an item for the future. We spent our medical down time with pickelball and park flyers.



ChuckBill_FlyingThe van, our mobile storage unit, left us sitting outside a Casey’s gas station in Cannon Falls, MN, late on a Sunday after a bike/hike. The electrical system shut down completely and we had left all the tools and sand paper in Deb’s car. My portable jump starter lost its battery a month earlier and we were carrying it around as worthless extra weight. Our choices were to bike 60 miles to our motel in the dark (after we had already done our workout), try to get a tow truck on a Sunday night late, our call my brother Bill who was coming up from Iowa and could pick us up in four or five hours. We did both of the last two and a tow truck actually showed up in 20 minutes. We loaded the van on the flatbed, drove to the nearest closed car shop, dumped the van and put the key in their key drop. We noticed one of the windows was down on the van so I asked to use his jump starter to roll up the window. He noticed some arcing that indicated it might be a bad terminal (my tools and sandpaper would have been nice) and, even though it was against company policy, grabbed his terminal tools and presto … the van was as good as … an 18 year old car again. We paid him and added a nice tip, reached our hand in the key drop and retrieved our key, called off my brother, and headed for the hot showers.