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Migrating South

October 26, 2015 Posted by Deb

We pointed the RV south and there isn’t a lot of noteworthy stuff until the mountains. We were pretty much alone wherever we pulled in for the night and the park fees ranged from $10 to a real fancy place in Flagstaff at $50 per night. We hit a long 7% grade coming south on I-17 out of Flagstaff and hit 4,500 rpm on the Ford V12 and 85 mph at one time but on that whole leg we braked only three small hits due to slow traffic. We don’t know if we want to go back up that way … we don’t have a diesel. Our favorite side trip was Sedona and we’re going to go back and do it again soon.WashdownAftonLakeSedona_DebSlideRockStatePark_OakCreekCanyon

We have settled in Casa Grande for a couple of months. So we’ve been hiking, biking, swimming and playing pickleball. They offer us a long list of things to do every day, not sure what activities will get us addicted in the long run.CasaGrandeMountain_DebSaguaroCasaGrandeMountain_ChuckPickleBall_PalmCreekMorning

Summer 2015 Wrap

October 10, 2015 Posted by Deb

We closed out the north chapter of summer 2015 with a canoe trip up the St. Croix River to Taylor Falls,Minnesota, The Wheels and Wings car and air show in Osceola, Wisconsin the famous rubber duck race near Hills, Iowa, and the Bauer hayride near Melcher, Iowa.

AWOL Glider

On a sad note, on one of the last days up north, one of my favorite R/C gliders was about 30 minutes into a flight and had just come half way down from over 2,000 feet when I took my eyes off it and glanced at my chair as I was moving it back into the shade. I looked back up and the glider was just gone. It was apparently too high for my eyes to pick up again and despite every trick to make it show up … it is now part of the farmland between Melcher and Des Moines, IA. Oh … if it went through your picture window, this entry was just a joke.Glider_BauerHayride

Goodbye to Mud Puppy

October 3, 2015 Posted by Deb

Deb had mixed emotions about selling her 28-foot racing skull “Mud Puppy” but a series of injuries and surgeries made it unlikely that the two of them would churn up the waterways again. The good news is that Mud Puppy found a nice home. A guy from the northeast suburbs of the Twin Cities rowed in college and wanted to get back into it. He had a Craigslist “watch” set for that exact boat and showed up with cash in hours. As he and Deb walked down to the lake with Mud Puppy over his head there was a bit of an issue that us spectators missed. His pants started slipping down and there was no place to set the boat down so Deb helped him hold them up as they moved down the hill. Whatever it takes to close the deal.

The shots below are of the last voyage of Deb and Mud Puppy.