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Lake Red Rock near Pella, Iowa

September 27, 2016 Posted by Deb

We decompressed at Red Rock with a few days of sailing the trimaran and camp fires. We had a couple of motorcycle guys and a barking dog about 100 yards away otherwise the whole park was ours. The dog got much better and they eventually moved on, leaving us alone among hundreds of sites, trees, and our own private shower and launch ramp. Wonderful place for $9.00 a day with our new federal park senior pass.

Best Pelican Fishing Spot

Best Pelican Fishing Spot

redrockcliffchuck redrockcliffdeb redrockdebcave redrockcliffssail redrockcliffpicnicOh … and we had company from the reunion. Bill Armstrong, his wife Emma, and daughter Kayra, formerly from Jakarta, now also live in Pella, Iowa while Kayra goes to school there. We traded house visits and a ride in Bill’s Dodge Viper. We stayed below its top speed by at least 30 mph.


Fifty Year Reunion (Chuck’s): Ames High School (Iowa)

September 18, 2016 Posted by Deb

Leaving Minnesota

One Last Ride on the Cannon River

One Last Ride on the Cannon River

Going Away Party with Cast Iron Canoe Friends

Going Away Party with Cast Iron Canoe Friends

Packing the Fleet to Head South

Packing the Fleet to Head South

The BIG Reunion

It’s quite a show every 5 years and it lasts four days. It’s also a pretty good time and well organized but it is tough on spouses. Thursday and Friday are events (golf, biking, tours) and a published list of where everyone should meet for food and drinks with ground zero being the Gateway Hotel in Ames, IA. Saturday was a tour of the high school and the big creative talent event at the library for those who cared to submit something. That was a hit and will probably be expanded in the future. Sunday was the final photo session, dance, and food event at the Iowa State Memorial Union.

reunionbike1 reunionbike2hightrestleWe staged in Colo, Iowa with the RV and commuted to the events. Hickory Grove County Park was our home and it was a great escape. One of my high school classmates from Alaska (Ed) also called it home for the duration.


High School Buddies from the Infamous Trip to Colorado After Graduation in Honor Jerry, the Missing Friend

High School Buddies from the Infamous After-Graduation Trip to Colorado in Honor of Jerry, the Missing Friend

Back to Walker: Biking with the Andersons

September 1, 2016 Posted by Deb

We returned to the scene of the July family reunion, this time to bike with the Andersons. We did manage to rent the same ski boat and used it for touring. There were great lightning shows every night and the days were perfect.

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