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Where are we now?

October 25, 2016 Posted by Deb

We are in Casa Grande, AZ, spending our time hiking, biking and playing pickleball (and dreaming of getting back to the boat in Guatemala).


Carlsbad and the Trip South

October 13, 2016 Posted by Deb

Foss State Park, Oklahoma

Foss State Park, Oklahoma

We got tired of fighting the wind, hung a left off I-40, and ended up in Carlsbad. Things have really changed in the 50 plus years since I was last there. Nice stops along the way including prime waterfront. We hit some world class wind but kept on trucking. Oh … the continental divide on I-10 is a little hole in the wall trading post.carlsbadentrancecarlsbaddebcontinentaldivide

Fall Wrap Up at Jeff and Marti’s

October 10, 2016 Posted by Deb

This may have been the last year for the rubber duck race. Congrats to the Smalley clan for continuing the streak. Deb’s cousin Jeff and Marti are planning to head out to warmer climes and the great Octoberfest will come to an end.

This year featured a move from the traditional large tepee fire to an even larger pyramid. A new Frisbee game showed up as well along with a few bruised fingers. We also tried out a Swedish cooking fire and it worked. Great weather, food, and a good crowd as always.swedishfirefirepyramidwithdogfirepyramidnightrubberduckyrace16

Iowa’s Paved Bike Loop

October 7, 2016 Posted by Deb

The Raccoon River Valley Trail

We felt the need for exercise after Nashville so we made attempt number two at what they claim is the longest paved bike loop in the U.S. How they know that we don’t know. Our first attempt years ago ended with a huge thunderstorm in Perry and we turned back. This time we started in Perry and completed the loop. There are sections that are good and, for the most part, the trail is not only paved but gorgeous, smooth concrete. Where Iowa came up with the money for that, we don’t know. There are, however, exposed sections with just farms and a SE wind at 15-20 can make those a chore. Nice little towns and they are planting trees along the route.

racoonbikedeb racoonbikechuck

Enjoying Time in Melcher-Dallas

This Glider is a Keeper (Last One Got Lost in the Clouds)

This Glider is a Keeper (Last One Got Lost in the Clouds)

Squeezing It All Into the Man Cave

Squeezing It All Into the Man Cave

The Sunsets at Cindy & Bill's

The Sunsets at Cindy & Bill’s

Side Trip to Nashville

October 3, 2016 Posted by Deb

nashvilledebbroadway nashvilletootsies nashvillechuckbroadwayJohn Prine beckoned and we drove the nine hours to a friend’s condo a block and a half off Broadway. The music was everywhere and was great, but what we hadn’t counted on were the Civil War museums and battlefields which were a hit with two thirds of us. Another hit with two thirds of our group were the girls gone wild of Nashville. There must have been every bachelorette party in the U.S. in town that week. Joe and I went out without Deb one evening and … well … I thought we were being hustled for drinks but we weren’t. Just intoxicated, overly friendly bachelorettes in every direction. An Indiana girl grabbed my arm and pulled me over to her friend. I thought she was going to introduce us but she had another target in mind followed by “they’re real”. I mentioned Tom Petty’s song about Indiana girls on an Indiana night” and they didn’t know who Tom Petty was. Also, Joe kept introducing me as a sailor living in Guatemala and not a single drunk person believed that for a second.