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Heading South: Iowa to Arizona

October 15, 2017 Posted by Deb

Melcher-Dallas and Lake Red Rock

Happy Birthday, Gena - Raleigh Grill in Lucas, IA

Happy Birthday, Gena!

Raleigh's Country Bar & Grill out in the Woods

Raleigh’s Country Bar & Grill out in the Woods

After-Supper Hike to Whitebreast Creek on the Farm

After-Supper Hike to Whitebreast Creek on the Farm

We revisited the site of our first date. In the early 1970’s, a purple ski boat. Now, a Hobie trimaran.

Lake Red Rock

Lake Red Rock

Under the Mile-Long Bridge

Under the Mile-Long Bridge

Hut complete with a toilet.RedRockTikiHut2RedRockTikiHut

Tiki Hut Complete with Toilet

Tiki Hut Complete with Toilet

Our stop at Cindy & Bill’s included staging and organizing the mail we had built up with boat parts for Guatemala.PackingGuatemala


Off to Arizona

We made it to Casa Grande in four easy days after our stop in Melcher-Dallas, IA. We pitted in Wichita, KS, Amarillo, TX and Lake Caballo, NM. It has been close to 100° for a number of days and pickleball starts before 7:30 a.m. That is way too early for me and just fine for Deb. Palm Creek is undergoing major construction and they are adding what looks like 500 to 1,000 units to the north. Unfortunately, they gobbled up the RC flying field so we will have to commute with our toys.

Amarillo was once the largest producer of Helium in the world. Dead factory now.

Amarillo was once the largest producer of Helium in the world. Dead factory now.


U.S. Open Racquetball Tournament

October 6, 2017 Posted by Deb

After a month and a half of being selfish with my time, not connecting with as many friends and relatives as normal, and being hurt, sore, and tired most of the time, I thought I was ready for the tournament. I entered the 65+ division. About 900 entrants descend on Minneapolis from all over the world for the largest racquetball tournament in the world.

I had been practicing with the number one ranked player at 70 plus and my old doubles partner along with various other bangers. It turned out you really can’t come back after an eight year layoff and I lost early to a guy from Illinois.

I then had to ref a match between the U.S. doubles team and the Ecuador or Mexican (I couldn’t read their shirts) doubles team, and that was barn burner. Both teams were angry at me after it was over. I was a great match but not pleasant to ref.InjuredRballPlayerUSOpenAction

Sakatah Singing Hills Trail

October 3, 2017 Posted by Deb

We have mixed feelings about this trail. Our base in Dakotah Meadows had us a short drive from Mankato and the west end of the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail. The trail was good from Mankato to Madison Lake but we came to a sign that said “Rough trail for the next 13.5 miles.” It was not only rough, it would have been far better to rip up the asphalt and have packed aggregate. Deb turned around before it got rough and I bailed after five or six miles of trying. I stopped by a bar at Madison Lake that advertised on the trail and asked how they did on getting the bicycle crowd in. He said it has tapered off dramatically as that 13.5 mile section got worse. Too bad, it was a nice run between Faribault and Mankato in the old days.

PrimeTime Saloon Breakfast - Calorie Positive Biking

PrimeTime Saloon Breakfast – Calorie Positive Biking


Experimenting with Minnesota RV Campgrounds

October 1, 2017 Posted by Deb

Our home for two summers was getting plowed under and we had to be gone by the morning of September 12th when the heavy equipment was moving into St. Paul East RV Park. It was a nice home with great people and there will be nothing close to replace it for future years. Guess we’ll have to buy a home.

We moved about a mile north to Lake Elmo County Park. It’s a great place to stay but they don’t let RVs stay for any length of time. It was staging area number one as we prepared to head south and tried to get in shape for the U.S. Open Racquetball Tournament.LakeElmoCampsite

Final ride on Brown’s Creek and the Gateway

Hot dog, lemonade, and the Gateway Trailside

Hot dog, Lemonade, and the Gateway Trailside

Dakota Meadows

Since I was commuting every day to Edina to train with my old racquetball buddies it made sense to move the RV as close to Edina as we could. That was the RV park associated with Mystic Lake Casino. It was nice but it did not feel like much of a home. We experimented with all the restaurants we could fit in during our brief stay. Our stay was abbreviated by and early exit from the US. Open but that is another story.DakotaMeadowsRVPark