Lenny and the Jets

March 10, 2013 Posted by Deb

We headed out by water taxi in a pouring rain wrapped in a tarp provided by Cholo our driver. A packed water taxi took us to Almirante with the sides pulled down due to rain. The taxi hit something in the water and killed the engines. It was softer than a log. We hated to think what it could have been. After Almirante we had a large van to the border of Panama and Costa Rica.


We cleared Panama customs and immigration in the rain and were pretty sure we were in a cold war movie doing a prisoner exchange across from East Berlin. We had rain, fog, and a very strange bridge. Once across, we had more immigration and customs before getting into a different van for Puerto Viejo and the Coco Loco Lodge.


We arrived around noon, checked in, and went downtown for food. That is where we met Lenny. He worked the streets doing a hard sell on pot. I sat down with him while I waited for Deb, chatted, and said “No” a lot. After meeting Lenny, we told all the other Rastas we were with Lenny … nice way to duck the hassle since they tend to respect each other’s turf. We rented bikes and did a lap around the area and down the highway about three beaches.


The Andersons pulled in late after about 5½ hours in a van. We were all starving so we found one of the last restaurants open in town, grabbed a land taxi and pounded pizza for awhile.



 Meat on a Hook

We had a bit of rain in Costa Rica, actually everywhere in the Caribbean, and decided to try the zip lines near Puerto Viejo. The ride up in a van on 4 wheel roads was interesting and we crossed one creek (no bridge). There were around eleven zip lines in all and we used glove braking. We found out too late that glove braking causes zip line goo to drip all over your face and chest so we were well decorated by the end.







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