Fronteras: Rio Dulce Guatemala

May 15, 2013 Posted by Deb

We have fond memories of Fronteras, a small town with only a handful of marinas 18 years ago. Hacienda Tijax was very new back then and Suzanna’s was a great bargain in a nice sheltered area. Now there are marinas everywhere and over 800 boats call the Rio Dulce home.


We remembered the dueling menus from the restaurants on the morning net and that tradition continues. The activity list has grown as well and we signed up for Trivia night at Hotel Kangaroo y Restaurant. The table of Neytiri and Aquadesiac was getting hammered during the early competition with not a lot of expertise in Western Civilization and “What was the last city liberated in Germany in WWII”, and “Which Russian czar was a priest.” But we moved from last to second on “Which country had 700,000 casualties in the 1500’s and 850,000 casualties in 1976 from earthquakes.”

TriviaNightWe sampled a few restaurants and revisited some old haunts but the bulk of our focus was to get the boat repaired and decommissioned for our trip to the U.S. It was nice to see Bruno’s was still around. Bruno’s was the last real bar fight we’ve been in (18 years ago). We ran down the dock as fast as we could back then and we still had one injury from our table (glass shard to the leg).

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