Cayo Quemado

May 19, 2013 Posted by Deb

RAM Marina informed us literally as we were arriving in Guatemala that our boat was too wide for their travel lift. Our reservation to be stored on land was history but we could get our deposit back. That’s OK, we only cancelled out of Shelter Bay, Panama, and sailed about a thousand miles to hear that.


Casa del Mar met some folks in Texas Bay or Cayo Quemado who had a new, in-water boat storage operation called SeaKist Services. Chris and Kelly have a great storage package and the bay is almost completely surrounded by land. We got into one of their last slots and moved on down there right after we got both engines running and the alternator fixed.


For those following the engine battle, this time it was the main power switch to the engine room but both the mechanic and Doug on Aquadesiac said the relays made no sense and were probably another problem. Doug climbed into the engine room one day and started ripping out the relays and rewiring the battery, starter, and alternator leads. After he finished, we had a much simpler wiring diagram and a lot of leftover parts. We’ll see how it performs over time.

We decommissioned the boat in four days, about six days quicker than ever before. We pulled all the sails, shut thru hulls, shut down and covered solar panels, oiled 150 feet of chain, shut down refrigeration, pulled the outboard and stored and greased it, checked and lubed all the hatches, laid out bug poison, gave away food, packed, made travel arrangements, and doubled up lines and chafing gear and that is the short list.



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