October 28, 2011 Posted by Deb

After carefully arranging with the New Zealand yard manager (Roger … a great guy) to put Neytiri in slings on Friday the 28th to finish priming and bottom painting the chock block areas and bottom of the keels followed by a launch on Monday, October 31, the monster travel lift headed our way Thursday afternoon, the 27th, picked up the boat and moved it out of the mud. The yard crew started painting away on the bottom. The captain has the ultimate say as to when a boat is launched and I could have called a halt but we started thinking about getting out of that yard on Friday rather than Monday. We had a through hull or two to slam in, our yard debris to get back on the boat, paperwork to fill out, and dozen or so errands to run but we decided to go for Friday, the 28th.  About then the guys ran out of bottom paint.  We got on the phone, called in a quart of bottom paint and got Michael, the French Canadian, to agree to show up on Friday morning to carefully watch all the engine changes we had made to make sure things were running well and salt water wasn’t flying everywhere.

At 10:00 a.m. on Friday, October 28, Neytiri got into the ocean for the first time (with that name). We put a plate with the former boat name near the factory serial number to maintain a naval tradition that few adhere to anymore. Oh, and for good luck.  The parts all worked reasonably well for having not been used in six months and we motored off into Simpson Bay looking for the French side where having no clearance papers is not a big deal (the Dutch clearance papers from the former owner were lost on board) and where you don’t have to pay $50 US per week as a cruising tax. And, ohhhh, the breeze felt good.

Launching in St. Martin

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