Ranch Sitting

August 18, 2014 Posted by Deb

We took over house sitting duties at the Anderson’s while they vacationed on Madeline Island. One daughter flew in from Indiana and the other flew in from Spain for their annual trip north. We had the relatively entertaining horse feeding and chicken maintenance chores while they were gone. Yippie Ki Yi Aye.


Inland Surfing

If you put enough water in a ski boat (3 to 4,000 lbs), you can generate a big enough wave to surf on. We were mostly ballast due to leftover injuries in FL and GA but it made for some good shots.  We intend to give it a serious try when all the body parts are working again.

BenSurfing YvonneDeb_StevesBoat

Lyle Lovett

We bombed out on Fleetwood Mac and Paul McCartney but scored Lyle. Great concert and his whole band did their songs as well. Some had fan groups in the audience, especially the MN bass violin player. We did not take padding and it was bench seating so we stood up often.


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