Pirates of the Caribbean II – Dominica

January 31, 2012 Posted by Deb

A good portion of the movie was filmed here and we need to see it again to match up where we’ve been. We signed up with Martin for the Indian River extended version and a full day tour of the island. The tourist stuff anyone can do and we’ll include a few shots.

Things got interesting when we met some hikers at the Sunday night beach party. Hunter and Devi from Arctic Tern are retired Alaskans who have heard of some of our friends and relatives from up there.They worked in the National Park system and are not only some of the strongest hikers we’ve met but their jungle knowledge makes the trip like walking through a giant fruit salad. She is a significant contributor to several publications including the Caribbean Compass. They are hiking and travelling with John and Kathy from Oceana. Good company.

Some of the shots below are from our first hike with them, the recently improved Waitukubuli trail across the northern part of Dominica. It was very cool and our shots don’t do it justice but that’s kind of always true. We dropped off the trail to an abandoned village that Arctic Tern had discovered by accident and Hunter had the village trees raining grapefruit and a couple of tangerines in no time. The racks of bananas were a bit green so we passed on those. Our total public transportation bill for 2 people there and back was 30 ec. ($12 US) and we were gone six hours door to door with about three and a half hours hiking time.

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