Sakatah Singing Hills Trail

October 3, 2017 Posted by Deb


We have mixed feelings about this trail. Our base in Dakotah Meadows had us a short drive from Mankato and the west end of the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail. The trail was good from Mankato to Madison Lake but we came to a sign that said “Rough trail for the next 13.5 miles.” It was not only rough, it would have been far better to rip up the asphalt and have packed aggregate. Deb turned around before it got rough and I bailed after five or six miles of trying. I stopped by a bar at Madison Lake that advertised on the trail and asked how they did on getting the bicycle crowd in. He said it has tapered off dramatically as that 13.5 mile section got worse. Too bad, it was a nice run between Faribault and Mankato in the old days.

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