U.S. Open Racquetball Tournament

October 6, 2017 Posted by Deb


After a month and a half of being selfish with my time, not connecting with as many friends and relatives as normal, and being hurt, sore, and tired most of the time, I thought I was ready for the tournament. I entered the 65+ division. About 900 entrants descend on Minneapolis from all over the world for the largest racquetball tournament in the world.

I had been practicing with the number one ranked player at 70 plus and my old doubles partner along with various other bangers. It turned out you really can’t come back after an eight year layoff and I lost early to a guy from Illinois.

I then had to ref a match between the U.S. doubles team and the Ecuador or Mexican (I couldn’t read their shirts) doubles team, and that was barn burner. Both teams were angry at me after it was over. I was a great match but not pleasant to ref.InjuredRballPlayerUSOpenAction

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  1. Carole Anderson says:

    That picture is hysterical! Love it! Mike and I had a great laugh!

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