Teaching, Hashing, and Tubing: Grenada

March 20, 2012 Posted by Deb

Mt. Airy One-Room School

The activities here are point and click. You see or hear something you like and sign up. A bus full of nice folks shows up at the Tiki Bar and you’re off.

Deb volunteered to teach local children via a cruiser supported (and created) program from 9 until 1:30 on Saturday. Some of the kids walked three hours on a Saturday to get to the one room classroom. Deb got a couple of four year olds.

Mt. Airy Young Readers' Program

She got back with just enough time to dress for HASH number 724 on a cocoa plantation on the north part of the island. Here’s the YouTube link. The mud would make Forrest and Jeff back in MN proud.

On Sunday, it was off to take a lap of the island and hit a few beaches, a beach BBQ, a river tube, a few volcanoes, a rum factory or two, and one of the highest points on the island up in the rainforest. The tubing was short but quite a surprise. The pictures don’t do it justice because we couldn’t operate the camera when we were banging down through the rocks but it had some nice drops, good water volume, and a rapid current in a bunch of places. They had six guys positioned downstream to keep tubers from taking the more violent routes or getting hung up in rocks and we paused periodically while they repositioned.

River Tubing on the Balthazaar River in St. Andrew's

Sunday Grenada Tour

Monday was an R&R day from the R&R.

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  1. Jeff Buse says:

    Calling all Cast Iron Canoe Club Members. The planning meeting has been set and you are being summoned back to MN on Saturday, April 21st at 6:30 p.m. Fancy cocktails will be served with little weinies wrapped in bacon, just for you Chuck. If you are not able to make it in person, skype us. The plan is to do the St. Croix from Riverside to Hwy 70. JoAnn, Cast Iron Canoe Club Secretary.
    PS Have prospected chartering plans for Spring 2013. We will keep you posted. Ahoy Mates!!!

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