Not so Tough: Trinidad

April 25, 2012 Posted by Deb

Seventeen years ago we shrugged off the heat and the rain to party hard in Trinidad. This time, we held out for a couple of weeks in the anchorage but a Chinese freighter had our number. His smokestack was directly up wind of us day after day making our eyes water and the air unfit to breathe.

We bailed out of the anchorage and moved into Crews Inn, a nice marina with great amenities and nice parties. That move came with a price tag that is 1.5 times a monohull but we sort of like it so far.

Neytiri in CrewsInn

Crews Inn

We get a paper delivered to the boat every morning, a mild salt water pool, new showers, a great crew working the docks, a small American like town inside the compound, and a set of contractors a mile long. We also got to try shore power for the first time. When we finally traced the system, found all the breakers, and rewired the plugs, the charger was DOA. We’re working on getting the TV cable working and we’ll have water but the power won’t be happening soon. Did we mention we’re about the only boat in Crews Inn that does not have A/C. We’ll probably need to rectify that before we have company.

So … Why are We Here

The sail cover, salon cushions, awning, watermaker, solar panel, 220 system, sewing machine repair, and woodworking projects are all going well and prices are good. The sailors here are great even though few and the hiking is as good as we remembered.

Bamboo Cathedral

Hike To Macqueripe Bay

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