Grenada Revisited

June 19, 2012 Posted by Deb

We came back to Grenada to get back into clean water and anchorages with nice breezes. Huge difference. We’re also staging for our longest run to date and that is a 400 – 500 mile downwind leg to Bonaire. We’re anchored off the windward side of Hog Island and have a short dink ride to five of the more famous destinations on Grenada. That would be Clarke’s Court Marina, Whisper Cove Marina, Secret Harbor Marina, the Hog Island beach party, and last but not least, Nimrod’s and the soon to open Taffy’s in Woburn.

Doctors, Dentists, and Dinghy Concerts

That’s all on the books for tomorrow. It’s volleyball today and Deb just finished the Shade Man shopping trip and we’re down about an inch on the waterline with the cases of water, beer, soda, wine and rum she lugged home. We don’t know what a dinghy concert is but we hear they are basing it on the big tug out in the anchorage (on the top left of the anchorage picture). That should be interesting.


I can’t remember the details of the old Nimrod initiation 17 years ago, if fact I can’t remember much of that whole day. It is the only bar on the planet that Deb had to pull me out of back on July 11, 1995.  A very powerful rum was involved, I do remember that.

So … how can we remember the date to the day? We can’t. But the initiation involved signing the log book and a few log books survived Hurricane Ivan. Nimod is gone but his son has taken over and we scrounged through the books and found our old entry right next to our sailing friends, Sherpa. Neither entry was particularly poetic but the rum hadn’t kicked in as yet. Oh … and as you can see, our boat card had long since fallen out the log book. This time, I had a Carib and left without having to be pulled out. What we do remember from that day was that the patrons were still passionately arguing both sides of the US invasion of Grenada and that one of the guys was an extra (as a teenager) in the 1957 filming of Islands in the Sun and kind of got adopted by one of the female leads, Joan Collins. It turned out to be a real Bruce Springsteen Glory Days thing for him.

It kind of makes us want to find all our old restaurant/bar log entries from 17 years ago but a couple are in Venezuela and we’d have to shoot our way in and out and another got burned not too many years ago by Mario after Fin drowned in the Bluefield Range up in Belize. The rest are still out there, though.

Pan Band and Basketball Practice

We took a maxi full of gringos to the Cherokee pan yard where they practice their music, eat, drink, and apparently play basketball. They also have rooms where ladies volunteer full time for months to get costumes ready for their carnival, in August. Guests are welcome and we help in a minor way by buying drinks, food, and making the odd donation. It’s all pretty laid back.

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