Dinghy Concerts, a New Mini-Van Record and Bloody Hashes: June in Grenada

June 25, 2012 Posted by Deb

The dinghy concert is an annual event put on by the Le Phare Bleu Marina and Island Water World. They bring out a barge, tie it off to a big monohull sailboat, and load it up like any outdoor concert. It all happened within a rock’s throw of Neytiri but we dinked on over anyway to tie up to the growing mass of lashed together dinghies. Those of you who have done the dink-drift-drink functions in Boqueron will remember the routine. The hard part was scrambling for beers. The unlucky gofer has to climb from one dinghy to the next to get to the barge and then find a way to get all that beer back to the group. We started sending the kid from Cape and he could scramble. Only one dunking and he got to watch soaking wet wondering if his cell phone would ever work again.

In Trinidad in 1995 we set a record of 28 people in a public minivan taxi and we did it with a packer and a healthy dose of school kids who could sit on laps. In Grenada in 2012 we broke that record with 32 on board a public minivan. We, again, did it with school kids and they were in every nook of the van. We got to stop about every two blocks, get out, let them out, and repack.

We met up with Oceanis again after hiking with them in Dominica and going our separate ways. John, who’s Hash name is Brain Damaged, was returning to his first hash in six months after being up island, and signed up for the runner’s route. He’s 70 and a former runner. I signed up for the walking route but took the running route with a bunch of college kids. Deb is still on the injury list but did a fair portion of the hash. When we got back, we heard John was off to the hospital. He had fallen and ran a stick through his cheek as in all the way through. He came in with his great looking beard a new color. The word today is that he had 14 stitches.

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