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Iowa for the Beer Olympics

September 11, 2014 Posted by Deb

We made it back to Iowa for the September 6th birthday party for Deb’s nephew, Wil. They hyped it as the Beer Olympics but it looked like a lot of vodka when we walked by. No one was drinking the Captain Morgan but that didn’t last long when I walked by.

Our bed count this summer is mid-20’s already and may surpass the 30 we did last summer. We stayed for two days of festivities, food, and even church. It is a perfect time of year for Iowa, 75 degrees and sunshine, though we hear it had been very wet. After two days, we had eaten our fill and moved north again to pick up the debris (trimaran, van, and wine from the wine tasting) we had left scattered all over Minnesota and Wisconsin.


My Roots

My Roots