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Apostle Islands

August 23, 2016 Posted by Deb

A repeat of the year before with a different campground (Big Sand Bay) and a much larger group. We started with four and before long had most of the Cast Iron Canoe Club and many of the Whiteface group joining us. The boat fleet was huge but wind and rain grounded some.


The trimaran made three trips to Sand Island and a grand tour of Raspberry, Stockton, and Oak. For that long run, we got to use our wet suits, boots, gloves, and other gear for the five and a half hours of being wet on Lake Superior. Nice waves, too.


Side trip to the Big Top Chautauqua to See Jonny Lang

Side Trip to the Big Top Chautauqua to See Jonny Lang

Wave Surfing with the Kotilinek's Apres the Apostles

Wave Surfing with the Kotilinek’s Apres the Apostles