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March 3, 2012 Posted by Deb

Canouan - Pirate's Cove

We did a particularly bad job of grabbing a mooring in high wind and that put us both in a bad mood, even after we got settled in. In Canouan, like Mustique, there is no mooring line to grab with a boat hook, just a fitting on top of the ball. The options are to drop a dink and put one of us on the mooring ball, get help from the mooring manager with his dink, or to motor past and grab the fitting from the stern and transfer the line to the bow. The latter is difficult in high wind. We got our first gelcoat ding as the mooring vendor thrashed about under our bow trying to wrestle our lines. We went ashore and hit the “Pirate Cove ($A)” and learned that it isn’t just Mustique that knows how to charge. A $14 bowl of ice cream and a $6 beer did lighten the mood a bit and the Pirate Cove is a great location.