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Kinnickinnic River Kayaking

September 15, 2017 Posted by Deb

Kayaking the Kinnickinnic River in River Falls is becoming an annual event, and this year we had mostly Cast Iron canoe members in the group. We were pretty much all late entries because Deb had a broken wrist and others were decision challenged for various reasons, but it was a good group and great weather. Only one sunk kayak as Deb got hung up in rocks while we watched from downstream. Fortunately, Steve Kotilinek was behind her and saved her from having to use her wrist to get unstuck and emptied out. She had given me her Pixel smartphone for safe keeping just minutes before.


Apostle Islands

August 23, 2016 Posted by Deb

A repeat of the year before with a different campground (Big Sand Bay) and a much larger group. We started with four and before long had most of the Cast Iron Canoe Club and many of the Whiteface group joining us. The boat fleet was huge but wind and rain grounded some.


The trimaran made three trips to Sand Island and a grand tour of Raspberry, Stockton, and Oak. For that long run, we got to use our wet suits, boots, gloves, and other gear for the five and a half hours of being wet on Lake Superior. Nice waves, too.


Side trip to the Big Top Chautauqua to See Jonny Lang

Side Trip to the Big Top Chautauqua to See Jonny Lang

Wave Surfing with the Kotilinek's Apres the Apostles

Wave Surfing with the Kotilinek’s Apres the Apostles

Kinnickinnic Kayak

August 16, 2016 Posted by Deb

We put a Groupon for the Kinnickinnic River to good use and had a nice group of old and new friends to paddle with. A great day and a river we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

EndofKayakKinnickinic GroupKinnickinic2 ChuckKayakKinnickinc

A New Knee in an Old Town

September 1, 2012 Posted by Deb

East St. Paul has quite a history. We’re staying in a friend’s home just off the renovated Phalen Boulevard, a nice corridor with great bike trails. The guy behind the Phalen name was described as “immoral, cruel, revengeful, and unscrupulous.” He was killed by his travelling companions when he ran off to California to avoid appearing before a grand jury in St. Paul.

Biking and Hiking along the Bruce Vento Trail in St. Paul

Battle Creek Park on Bruce Vento Trail

Saddest Site in the World for a Cruiser: Bankrupt Hamm’s Brewery on the East Side

Hamm's Brewery

Prior to the 8/27 date for the chopping block on Deb’s knee, we power vacationed Minnesota and Iowa and saw as many old friends as possible, to the tune of about a pound of body weight every three days.

Chillin’ Out in Iowa

Cindy's Pool

Biking Along an Ocean of Pink

Biking Along an Ocean of Pink

Biking and Kayaking the Cannon River and Lanesboro

Cannon River Kayak

Biking Cannon Valley Trail and Lanesboro

The story of Neytiri gets a bit challenging for the next few months. The boat is sitting pretty just off a Hyatt golf course in Curacao, and the one solar panel we left on is keeping the batteries happy. The diesels get fired up a couple times a month and the bottom gets cleaned every month and a half. The crew is doing full time rehab and house chores in St. Paul, MN. We did duck out for a meal on our 37th anniversary three days after surgery and that was pushing things a bit. Getting up the 20 steps to where we are living was touch and go after a night out.

Rowing One Day : Knee Replacement the Next

Knee Replacement

Minnesotans are starting to talk about the end of summer already. We’ve checked off almost everything we wanted to do on land and are really missing the boat. Can’t wait to get home.