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Miami and Dinner Key

May 27, 2014 Posted by Deb


The mooring field was not full and they put us a long way out. The dinghy ride was slow and wet like Key West. Dinner Key had an on-demand shuttle every hour and we used that to stay dry. It was a strange area and it was Memorial Day weekend but, all in all, we were pleasantly surprised by that part of Miami. Deb found a matching Giant Expressway folding bike and we now have a matched pair. The small folding bike technology has come a long way from the early Dahons.

Touring Miami on Our New Rides

Touring Miami on Our New Rides

We went to Little Havana with Wildest Dream, caught a weather report later that night, frantically converted from a condo to a boat, and were back in the ocean by 11:00 a.m. the next morning for a 160-mile run to Cape Canaveral.