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Hiking the Superstitions and “The Kid”

November 4, 2016 Posted by Deb

OK, hiking pictures are pretty repetitive in the desert but we did generate a story in the Superstitions. The “kid” was taking a break near where we ate lunch in the main basin about 3+ miles up. Some of the ladies started commenting on his shoes. They were splitting out on both sides. The conversation evolved into our nomination for a future Darwin Award.The “kid” picked the shoes so water would drain out. He knew nothing about camping. He was on a mission to make three stockpiling trips to a camp that he intended to use one or maybe two nights higher up on the mountain. The stockpile is the story. He was carrying over 90 pounds that included gallons of water, a large piece of firewood (about 10 inches in diameter), a gallon can of macaroni, over 15 hand warmers, and loads of other less than helpful junk. We thought it was just BS until we saw his pack. Both hands were full of gallon jugs of water so good luck climbing. The concept of a tent and sleeping bag seemed lost on him. Worst case scenario is that he gets hurt. More probable is that he leaves a lot of litter on the mountain.

The Kid Heading Up to His Campsite for Next Month

The Kid Stocking His Campsite for Next Month

Siphon Draw

Siphon Draw