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Goodbye to Mud Puppy

October 3, 2015 Posted by Deb

Deb had mixed emotions about selling her 28-foot racing skull “Mud Puppy” but a series of injuries and surgeries made it unlikely that the two of them would churn up the waterways again. The good news is that Mud Puppy found a nice home. A guy from the northeast suburbs of the Twin Cities rowed in college and wanted to get back into it. He had a Craigslist “watch” set for that exact boat and showed up with cash in hours. As he and Deb walked down to the lake with Mud Puppy over his head there was a bit of an issue that us spectators missed. His pants started slipping down and there was no place to set the boat down so Deb helped him hold them up as they moved down the hill. Whatever it takes to close the deal.

The shots below are of the last voyage of Deb and Mud Puppy.