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Mt. Cook

January 31, 2016 Posted by Deb

We missed Mt. Cook on the way south to hop over the mountains and hike the glaciers. We definitely picked a great day to catch it on the way north. 

The lake and the mountain started getting our attention from about 30 kilometers out and the morning haze was great but didn’t come out on the shots too well. We picked the Hooker Valley four hour hike that took us to the upper lake where the glacier was calving. Very cool stuff.IMG_20160201_112124-700x518IMG_20160201_105945-700x522IMG_20160201_121730-700x945IMG_20160201_112558-700x529IMG_20160201_115414-700x518IMG_20160201_130943-700x518~2IMG_20160201_125822-700x520~2IMG_20160201_133025-700x525IMG_20160201_114849_crop_1123x729-700x454~2IMG_20160201_160448~3-700x453IMG_20160201_153931~2-700x269

Boat Boys Have Changed

February 25, 2012 Posted by Deb

One thing I’m noticing as a difference between 15 years ago and now is that the Caribbean seems much more sophisticated. No more boat boys from Waterworld. In St. Lucia I really enjoyed having fresh fruit and vegetables brought to my boat everyday and knew I would miss that when we moved south. But today, in Bequia, guess who came by offering his wares — the bread boat with hot fresh croissants. Very nice!

One Wire? What!!?

February 22, 2012 Posted by Deb

Yesterday was a down day for several boats. Arnamentia, a UK based Swan that took second in their division coming across the Atlantic in this year’s ARC, cancelled out of drinks on board Neytiri because everything they’ve tried to fix cascaded into more problems and John was planning to spend the evening head down working on his fresh water pump. DreamMaker lost their refrigeration and we had another (our backup) solar regulator start to error out. For us it meant that all of our sources of electricity were now being challenged. We cheered ourselves up with a serendipity stop on Allicat that turned into a food event with grilled lamb, great rum, and wine. Ken was stiff and sore from day two of a back injury and he got a chance to experiment with painkillers and alcohol instead of heading off to an early sack.

We pulled into the Rodney Bay Marina and picked up our shower room code (hot showers) and wifi password. We called MarineTek operated by Egbert Charles and confirmed our appointment for the following day at 10:00 a.m. Shawn showed up right at the Caribbean 10:00 a.m. which is just after 11:00 a.m. He walked on the boat, took a few voltage readings, looked at the alternator and pulled one wire off. We fired it up and it worked fine. We ran a few tests and he was off the boat in 45 minutes. The bill was well into their minimum charge range so that kind of sucked. So … let’s see … I wait here a week for my appointment, check into the marina, and pay a fairly hefty sum for one wire!!! Oh, the solar panel regulator cured itself with a reboot I did last night so we’re looking at weather again to move on down the line.

The bonus is that the marina will refund the days we’re not going to be here. Deb also took the dink to the shop and, as she was leaving, they told her they could turn the dink job by tomorrow a.m. so we get a badly needed dink rehab by tomorrow as well.

Rodney Bay Marina, Waiting for a Little Fix-Up

St. Lucia – Hikes, Zips and Mountain Dew

February 19, 2012 Posted by Deb

We have a few days before we go into the marina for boat work and are using those days to do tourist stuff. We covered Pigeon Island, Cas-en-bas, and the Rainforest zip lines in three days; but the important news is that Deb found Mountain Dew on the island. We put the port hull down about 2 inches coming out of St. Martin loaded with Dew and have now balanced the boat up a bit with a case or three on starboard.

The zip lines of St. Lucia are OK but not of the caliber of Costa Rica. The harnesses will turn you into a falsetto if you are not careful. The 40 foot drop is good.

Old Fort Lookout

Top of Pigeon Island - Checking out Neytiri in the Anchorage

Down on the Beach - Pigeon Island

Hike to Cas-en-bas

Cas-en-bas Overlook

Group for Zip Line Tour

Sean Checking Chuck's Buckles

Chuck Showing Off

Love the Hairnets They Made Us Wear

Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

February 12, 2012 Posted by Deb

Rodney Bay ranks right up there with St. Martin as “most changed.” Read the ship log entry from 1995 and you can see why we had no plans to ever come here again. We came here because the Doyle guide painted a nice picture, we needed repairs and were tired of trying to do it in French, and it is an easy way to make it down the islands in little short hops. Chris Doyle walked right by us again today as he did a month or so ago in Lagoonies on St. Martin. We’re apparently on the same route and schedule. We leave famous people alone with maybe a polite “hi” and really dislike seeing the swarming behavior they have to put up with.

Back to the point, Rodney Bay is a hub now with a very fancy marina and an impressive yacht services community. The outside bay where we’re anchored has been cleaned up and developed not unattractively. We’re just settling in and ran into three boats already from Dominica … Allicat, Parrot Tales, and Arnementia. There are restaurants and free wifi everywhere and a nice lawn with folks sitting under palm trees clicking away on their laptops. Our repair work inquiries have us queuing up in about 12 days and we don’t think we’ll be here that long. We may continue to limp down island under manual alternator control. Had a nice $15 hamburger for lunch today.

Flashback to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia: 5/24/1995

Had a major run in with the local hustlers on shore and got into a shouting match. We thought we could save a bundle by going to the town rather than the marina for our laundry. We found out real quick that going to town was a battle through tiers of Rasta hustlers. I fought off three while guarding the dink in a verbal battle that lasted for about 20 minutes. They wanted money for using what they called their little portion of the causeway. In other words, they wanted to charge me for hanging onto a rock. Deb had her own set of problems getting to the laundry lady. We decided to hike in from the main road the next day to pick it up since the Rasta gang said, “Good luck trying to get your laundry” along with several dozen other insults. Nice intro to Rodney Bay.