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Colorado for Hiking and Biking

September 3, 2014 Posted by Deb

We were going west when Deb’s niece and family (Kylie, Jeff, Beatrix, and Lucille) were returning east and the two cars crossed at mile marker 165 on I-76. Kind of cool to be able to roll the windows down and wave at family during a long trip. It took a bit of texting to pull that off.

Ron, Barb, Megan, Meridith, and Colorado put on quite a show during the week of our visit. The concerts were free at Copper with Kenny Loggins and Wynonna Judd in two days. The hikes were high mountain gorgeous, finishing on the final day with the highest and longest at Continental Falls. The bike rides were topped off with the 17 plus mile run from Vail Pass to Frisco  for a no pedal, hang on and watch the scenery go by trip. The food and booze seem to taste better at 9,000 feet on up. We celebrated our 39th anniversary with a cake, wine, movie, and a fire after a day of hiking looking out over Lake Dillon.





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