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Cast Iron Canoe Invasion of Whiteface National Park

July 24, 2017 Posted by Deb

One of our most anticipated outings of the year is the trek to Whiteface Reservoir, about an hour east of Cloquet, MN, and well up into north country. The Cast Iron early crew starts taking over a “first come, first serve” peninsula on Thursday and the rest trickle in. We end up with our own private campground with many sites, a boat launch, parking lot, bathrooms, and the greatest camp hosts we’ve seen.

Private Beach at Whiteface

Private Beach at Whiteface

The trimaran fleet is up to three now and the convoluted shoreline with large bays is perfect for the Hobie trimaran but we still have the odd Hobie 16 and they can really smoke with the right conditions. The sailing weather was light but enough … after all we have pedals.BoatsWhitefaceBeach

We did get hit by a wall cloud, lightning, and hail with the resulting downed trees and water everywhere. I happened to be out on the reservoir in our trimaran when it rolled through and had to pull a MacGyver. I stuffed the boat into the weeds, pulled the mast and main, found a small clearing, pointed the top of the mast into the approaching storm, unrolled the main and made a tent out of it. The clear plastic just happened to be where my face was so I got to watch the show.

One Campsite of the Cast Iron Invasion

One Campsite of the Cast Iron Invasion

North Country: Whiteface Park, Minnesota

August 5, 2014 Posted by Deb

We probably shouldn’t publicize this little gem of a campground, but we do it for everything else so why not. The Cast Iron Canoe Club and extended family and friends took over a whole peninsula of the Whiteface Reservoir campground with over five multi-tent camping spots near the beach, dock, and launching ramp.  This year the weather cooperated as well, but we were prepared for the worst with Forrest’s new 60-foot tarp.

As with the canoe trips, the Whiteface outing was a great food event with Bloody Mary’s and breakfast burritos in the morning, full blown buffets during the day, and a wrap-up with hot dogs for those left at midnight. We asked for volunteers for rides in the Hobie trimaran we had out on demo and every kid jumped at the chance. In a former life that would have been a mistake but it was kind of fun running a kid shuttle for a half day. Our fleet consisted of two Hobie 16’s, two kayaks, a double masted SeaPearl 21 sailboat for comfort and beer hauling, and two powerboats for fishing and pulling kids (oh, and beer hauling as well). The reservoir snakes for miles and it is a bit of a challenge to explore it all. We passed a pontoon boat going full bore (10 hp Evinrude) with our trimaran and got mooned … don’t think they liked being passed by a sailboat.


Whiteface Reservoir

July 30, 2013 Posted by Deb

We were invited on an annual tradition camping outing that included four of the Cast Iron Canoe couples.

The weather was bad at the Tall Ships show but by the first night up at Whiteface, the temperature plummeted and it started to rain. The rain pretty much didn’t stop all through Saturday but Forest was ready with two huge tarps and several hundred feet (actually several miles but that’s another story) of quarter inch poly line and we strung up a large canopy, stoked the fire, and most of the campers congregated on our site. Great socializing but a bunch of boats were sitting on trailers and we were definitely on plan B for entertainment. The food was incredible as well as exotic. Bacon wrapped olives grilled over a fire was a hit for some.



The final day (for some) started out equally ugly but in true MN fashion, everyone went down to the landing and started rigging their boats. The leap of faith paid off as the weather broke and temps made close to 70 when we hit the water. The eight boat fleet consisted of two Hobie 16’s, a two masted daysailer we don’t know the name of, two power boats, two kayaks and a wind surfer.